The end is drawing near for this years sale and year, sad that it came so quickly but happy it is filled with some joy. May you all LIVE long and Prosper this coming New Year, be safe.

Everyone gets a gift this year so there are no lumps of coal in the Christmas stockings at our Annual Community Christmas Gifts -- Christmas Dreaming! You can visit here for your free gift.

Featured in the banner in appearance order and essentials:

Wilderness Backgrounds

Wilderness Backgrounds

12 high resolution
wilderness backgrounds

Magic Portal

Magic Portal [Exclusive]


Portal prop which can be
broken up for a ruined portal

Passia V4.2

Passia V4.2 [Exclusive]

A realistic-exotic,
human/fantasy character set, a pair of earrings & fully loaded
with 6 facial expressions included.

Roses for Elaia (Exclusive)

Roses for Elaia (Exclusive)

Choose from 3 colors
for the entire dress

Also used: Serenade Hair
V4/A4/G4/S4/V3/A3/S3 [Daz Original]

Pandora V4.2

Pandora V4.2 [Exclusive]

3 fantasy makeup options included

Suranian Enchantments for Val3d Suranian Priestess

Suranian Enchantments
for Val3d Suranian Priestess

7 unique textures

Rhage M4 Exclusive

Rhage M4 Exclusive

Photorealistic skin for
your exotic renders

Xerxes Outfit M4H4

Xerxes Outfit M4H4

7 full textures for entire outfit
PLUS separate colors for each
section for an endless array of outfits

Poison/Paris V4A4

Poison/Paris V4A4 [Exclusive]

A unique & exotic
double character set (human/fantasy),
twice as much fun!

Gothic Wyld for Wild Thing 3 (Exclusive)

Gothic Wyld for Wild Thing 3 (Exclusive)

4 separate colors for the
entire outfit to mix or match

Deadly: Kelly V4-A4-G4-K4-Mavka-Natu

Deadly: Trixie Hair for V4-A4-G4

424 options to mix/match
for unlimited styles for
hair and bats

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