December 12, 2017, 03:50:43 PM
Wiccan Rede:

In the spring, when night equals day time for Ostara to come our way.
When the Sun has reached its height time for Oak and Holly to fight.



Monthly Competitions

August 2017 contest has begun!

Eleasis ~ Highsun ~ The Oncoming Storm ~ August

Details HERE


Flamerule ~ 9th Annual Swimsuit Contest ~ Beach Party ~ Winners found here!~
Flamerule ~ On the Banks of the Kingdom of Elves ~ 10th Anniversary ~
Winners Here!~

2017 Challenge of the Month


August 2017 Challenge of the Month (COTM)


Details here.

Weekly Competitions

Your Art


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Halloween Sale Starts !!! Oct 13 to Oct. 31 @ 30% OFF!

All sale items are Found HERE

Don't forget to visit our Halloween "Madness Abounds" Gift Page which is featuring a new item each day. Some are time sensitive (labeled as such) while the majority will stay up all month long, before being moved to the Attic FreeZone and our store for others.

We are featuring, in our banner, our latest store additions. Starting things off is Farconville's latest item - Faces 5 for G2M/M6 and G3M/M7.

Checkout all our Backgrounds, we have many to suit your needs like the one in our banner by FaeryDae.

We can never have enough poses either. This time we has VideoVixxen and Divalicious Pose Collection. 100+ poses with VideoVixxen adding the VideoVixxen Body Morph to use with or without the poses.

Summoner gives us all some fun stuff with his latest item that is perfect for Halloween --- his Jaw-trap, OUCH!

Prae has been very busy too, she has added her Necro Outfit so V4 can have loads of fun this Halloween -- 4 different personalities included for this outfit. Beware the Death Maiden cometh.

Amaranth also has something for G3F, a wonderful outfit for your roaming little lady. Bet she can go wandering around in it.

Thanks to rrkknight3, reserv888 [Faces 5]and pimanjc [Wanderer Outfit] for helping with the DS renders in our banner this time.

Used in the banner:

Remembering the Dead
Background: Remembering the Dead

G3F Wanderer Outfit
G3F Wanderer Outfit

Also Used in banner image:
Camdyn Tween [3DSublimeProductions-Sabby]
Rayn Bob Cut G3 [3DUniverse]
[V3?] Fashion Model pose 01 [Digiport??]
VideoVixxen & Divalicious Pose Collection [Exclusive]
VideoVixxen & Divalicious
Pose Collection [Exclusive]

Can be used with all V4 Ladies (Men too)
and with minor tweaks most characters.

Re'Hana for V4 [Exclusive]
Re'Hana for V4 [Exclusive] FREE

Night Fever Outfit V4 *Exclusive*
Night Fever Outfit V4 *Exclusive*

Gothic Glitter for Kirke Hair
Gothic Glitter for Kirke Hair

Necro Outfit for V4 [Exclusive]
Necro Outfit for V4 [Exclusive]
V3-V4-Alice [Exclusive]
Koku V4 *Exclusive*

Koku V4 *Exclusive*
G2M/M6 Faces 5
G2M/M6 Faces 5
G3M/M7 Faces 5
G3M/M7 Faces 5 5
Jaw-Trap [Exclusive]
Jaw-Trap [Exclusive]


has extended their offer so now you get 10% off any order -- valid from now until December 31, 2017

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