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Sabryne's Gone Cowgirl6 viewsHappy Birthday Dawn
From: Your onery Little Sister
Old Boot Hill at Dawn25 viewsHere are two modern day Cowboy and Cowgirl waiting at the Old Boot Hill Graveyard to finish their journey back to town before the creatures of the night return for another battle!

just completed on March 12, 2018
Springtime Sunset26 viewsSpring is in the air, and the flowers are in bloom! Well here is an image to let you know that spring is coming in two weeks, so get ready to enjoy the green grass and the blooming flowers! dustycw
Anialation60 viewsWe are in the Cargo Docks of an industrial Warehouse where the Trigger Sisters are in the fight of their lives, trying to get to safety where some nasty Alien monsters are hunting them down. Who will come out alive?

This image was completed on January 22, 2018, enjoy!
The Legend of Blackwell Manor60 viewsThis image tells a creepy tale of Will Hawkins along with his Sister Tracy with her husband Cole Blackwell who just inherited on old house from his family's history. After a certain amount of hours from cleaning and getting moved in Will, Cole and Tracy was getting ready to go to sleep when they were awakened by an unsetteling sound from the main stairwell of the house. Will decided to go down stairs armed with his gun to investigate while Cole is still on top of the stairwell also armed with his gun too protecting Tracy in her pj's. The three are startteled when the see the Ghost of Albert Blackwell's former business partner Lyle Reggionald Murdock floating around the main Stairwell of Blackwell Manor with his evil plan in motion, to haunt the Blackwell family for killing him! Who will end the ghost curse?dustycw
Indian Outlaw60 viewsIn an Abandoned city is a Native American Outlaw named Jessy (Snake Dance) Alcott who is defending his new found home from a Corrupted Lawman. Jessy is looking down over toe streets from the rooftop of one of the buildings waiting for Dusk to get the proof he needs to stop the Lawman from causing more harm and end the corruption.dustycw
Who Murdered Lief Fontain?61 viewsA shocking murder in the study of Ruthless Railroad Tycoon Leif Fontain, and Marshall Red Allan along with Texas Ranger Nate Cooper who is already looking at three suspects with a motive. Both Lawmen have one difficult challenge. Can you help them solve the murder of Lief Fontain?

Completed on January 22, 2018
Victorian Models59 viewsWe have approached the Grand Staircase of the Victorian era where we see two models are dressed posed on the steps for a special evening!

Completed on January 14, 2018
Christmas Decorating61 viewsThis is my second Christmas image I created this year. I hope you enjoy it! Happy Holidays 2017dustycw
Christmas Gathering64 viewsYou better Watch out, Better not cry, Better not pout! This image is why!
This image was created to Celebrate the Christmas Spirit with your family and friends. Be good!

Merry Christmas 2017
Urban Survival61 viewsYou know what happens when desastres happen whether it's eathquakes, Tornadoes, Blizzards, Hurricanes, Fires etc. Well this image tells a tale of a lone survivor hiding you see crouched on the ledge of a building in an abandoned city carefully watching a couple of armed soldiers searching the streets of the city for a quick route to avoid the Dangers that awaits them.

This image was finally completed on November 5, 2017.
City of Night63 viewsThis image takes place in the city streets of Nocturnal Valley where Vampires and demons are wrecking Havoc on the residences. Here two different beings are working together to stop the Demons that wants to destroy mankind and the vampires who continues to feed on human blood. One is a Nocturnal Valley Police officer named Tony Beck who encountered a Vampire Bounty Hunter named Cinco Vasquez more commonly known as (Cinco El Vampo). Cinco was sent by the Midnight Brotherhood to stop these deadly beings along with their ring leader from destroying the city and taking over it's inhabitants. Will they succeed?

completed on September 26, 2017
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