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REGAL166 viewsThis is to show off Summoner's Amazon Pegasus and Manic3D's Wilderness background set, both found at

I also am featuring the program called Amberlight 2 by EscapeMotions, which is a fractal program with wonderful animation capabilities.

206 viewsAs different as night and day, he is your average everyday fella. When the moon rises it is a different story. Massive, brutal his persona changes totally. Sure in the day he can be forceful but at night it is more than that, care is not a word in his vocabulary.

A regular Jekyll and Hyde kinda personality.

Image credits:
Sidhe Rose Graphics gives us Rattlesnake Jake for M4 and as you can see it works very well on the Freak 4!

The Freak:
pants and belt from Bobbie25's Beowulf M4 (some adjusting was needed)
Prae's Nightmare Hair for Genesis 1 & 2, V6, M6, M4, H4, A4 and of course V4.
Shoes from Ravenhair's MensWear 1930 M4

Neftis3d's Keevan Hair
Ravenhair's Urban Wear with Unimesh Fits

Tis the season so turning your "normal" characters into something else is as easy as 1-2-3, or not depending on your ideas.

188 views Trick or Treat from DejavuGraphix, ForbiddenWhispers, Keihan and Schonee
Now who can turn these trick or treaters away? Would you dare?

Maurelle for Mavka Skin by Schonee ( a before and after set of textures )
Deadly Kelly Hair Colors by ForbiddenWhispers
Gothika for Cookie's Goth Gown by DejavuGraphix
Mausoleum by ForbiddenWhispers
Keihan's Helloween Fun Pak (gravestones and fencing used)

Other items used:
Amaranth's free Scapes backgrounds
Traveler's free dead grass
LF's Pumpkins (morphable too)
Stonemason's Graveyard (morphing ground used)
HandspanStudio's Decadent for Cookie Skin
RPublishing's Kelly Hair
3DTubeMagic's Mavka Goth Outfit
Cookie's Goth Gown by LittleFox
Propchick's Hadara Hair
190 views Are you READY? The Ultimate Werewolf is here

First you see the moon in all its full glory. Then it soft glowing rays hit your body and then begins the first inclination that things are different for you. The rays cause your skin to tingle like pin pricks but not as hurtful as the first time.

You are used to this transformation now and welcome it to its full extent. The hunt will begin soon but unlike your basic kin you have a prey in mind and lord have mercy, because you surely won't.

Oh my land but it feels soooo good.

Devil Dog Studios created the Manitou but midnight_stories gives you the ULTIMATE Werewolf morphs and poses, including a female morph so your hewolf wont be lonely.

Our background is from Schonee's Dark NIght's 5 Pack and we used extra lighting. The background is in part due to the size of the image but it actually has a moon in it that I accentuated with painted light rays in blue then blurred and soft lit.

We have many background packages that you can use as is, in part or "blend" tog
186 views The Woods are not safe at night!
Everyone knows you do not go wandering in the woods, near dark. There will be no one to hear you scream so beware!

The two "gentlemen" can go either as good guys or with a nasty mean streak and are ready for whatever image you have in store for them.

Bleid, The Prince of Shadow and Light has a unique skin texture that is "chameleon-like" and "blend's" in with the lights, fo lack of a better word. He is a morph for M4, textures, poses and lights all customized by SidheRose Graphics.

Rhage is also for M4 and comes with his photo-realistic textures and face morph. brought to you by LostSoulsArt, Bea and Aliwonder (LSA.Bea.Aliwonder). He has the type of skin that can make him usable for darker (lights or mood) or more daylight nicer you use him is up to you.

Additional store items:
DragonKin Expansions Pack for SAV's DragonLady Hair -- SidheRose Graphics
Funky for SAV's Moikana Hair -- Katt

Riverthorn's Sombre Raven (vest, pants and boots)
Ravenhair's E
193 views Lo'Yanda For Sydney G2 (Dark Texture)
With Halloween just around the corner I wanted you all to see some of our "spooky" textures and items. This is just one to start with....

Lo'Yanda for Sydney G2 by Amaranth (Dark Texture used)
Dark & Romantic Backs (#1 is used partially in the image)
Map's Sydney Dress
Adeline Hair by PropsChick -- adjusted to fit Sydney G2
191 views Katt's Unseelie Vampire
Always ready for your company.
Never tricks only treats,
So come join us.

Katt's textures
Eala Sul Unseelie V4
Funky Whimsy for AS Whimsy Curls Hair Xclusive
Merlin's Secret Graveyard
RHS Haunted Mansion Forsaken EXP. Lights
RDNA's Morphing Jack O'Lantern
LF Spider Web
MorphingFantasy Dress [Daz] using Meshed in Darkness texture by Aphoennix
191 views Isadora and her Pet
Isadora the Lava Queen & her standalone clothing set included is a terroriffic texture for V4-A4-G4 and Elite Shapes.

She is fit to rule any domain you should choose
to place her but as a ruler in Hades or a volcanic scene is great.

She is wearing Katt's Funky Nykta (SAV's Nykta Hair)
which can be worn by not only Generation 4 girls
but also by K4 too!

Isadora's pet is a midnight_stories Beast of Babylon
which comes complete with his wings, shape morphs
and textures to mix or match.

The background is 2 backgrounds from NGArtPlay Designs
her Exclusive Strange Land Background Set --
the castle scene and the magma scene were
used together and then a little fire added from
Amaranth's Elements of Nature: Fire, where
you get 2 sets for the price of one and all are
.png for easier manipulating.

All are a must have for your imagery creativeness!
190 views Big Mistake
Decisions made in haste could barter trouble and here is BIG time trouble for our wanderer. Taking a shortcut through the graveyard (RDNA freebies) brings out the worst in some people. They just do not appreciate being disturbed---well unless they invite you to dinner.

Bane for M4 is a full morph and texture from Zollster

Prae's Euros Outfit and Boots standalone sets with 6 textured, 6 mats and 5 metal textures for the buckles to mix or match.

Funky Gregoria Hair Colorsfor 3Dream/Mairy's Gregoria Hair . Katt gives you an array of colors for not just the entire hair but also for the long and short strands too! Giving you the ability to create your own unique look.

midnight_stories brings us his Vampire Demon. Standalone creature of the night ... some just dont know how to behave in modern society. LOL You not only get the easily posable creature but he is fully loaded with 13 body / 7 hand poses, 4 displacement maps (high, medium, low and none), lights and 3 base colors.

The moonlit back is m
190 views Abigail Doll [Amaranth] & Gothic Revival Kit [GillB]
Impatient much? She ready and eager to get going!

Our little goth girl can go goth or horror, depending on her mood and the mood of the artist.

Abigail Doll by Amaranth
Gothic Revival Kit by GillB as the background
Fleur de Lys K4 by Amaranth
Aryelle Hair by PropsChick
201 viewsdarkangel
200 viewsdarkangel
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